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Polycarbonate U-profiles (length 2.1 meters)

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Polycarbonate sheet edgings to prevent dirt, moisture, dust or insects from entering polycarbonate cells. Not included in a greenhouse base set. The transparent polycarbonate U-profile is used to cover the edges of 4-10 mm thick polycarbonate sheets. Available profile lengths: 2.1 meters. 

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Available more than 10+ units

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The arched polycarbonate greenhouse, made of galvanized metal square tube (thickness 0.8 mm and size 2x4 cm), is resistant and ideally suited to the climate conditions of the Baltic States. A greenhouse is available in different lengths, depending on customer choice. The greenhouse is equipped with two doors (width 0.9 m) and 2 ventilation windows built...

Price €375.00
Available more than 10+ units

Reference: HCP_profils

HCP polycarbonate connection profile, 6 meters

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Polycarbonate joint profile (HCP-D and HCP-U) quickly and securely attaches the polycarbonate sheets to the structural frame and simultaneously joins them together. The profile consists of two parts: the bottom - the base and the top - the closing lid. HCP profile is universal because it can be used to reinforce 4-10 mm thick polycarbonate sheets. The...

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